Having spent her life in horses and pursuing a career in marketing, promoting the equine industry is natural to Jennifer. She is a genuine, strategic marketing and business development professional with experience creating winning partnerships that drive business and benefit all stakeholders.  Jennifer is known to be a self-starter, a creative thought leader and an excellent teacher.

Jennifer’s unique skill set as an educated professional with a family business work ethic and corporate experience, compliments her deep understanding of horse people, horses and the broader horse industry.

WHY Statement: Promoting excellence in people + horses.



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for the last five years, both in her capacity as an acquisition editor and licensing manager for another company (for which I was a content provider) and later as a business consultant for my own company. In all capacities, I found Jennifer to be highly professional, in excellent command of the subject, to have considerable tech and web-design skills, to be very creative with an abundance of great ideas, and to have an excellent grasp of our target market and company goals. Her knowledge and experience in digital marketing, content management and fulfillment marketing make her valuable in many different aspects of our business. Her knowledge of our industry (the horse industry) and its idiosyncrasies is invaluable. Aside from her technical skills, business acumen and professional experience, Jennifer is also an outstanding person, with excellent people skills and communication skills, with the highest integrity and she is a valuable asset to my team!   
Julie Goodnight
CEO, Goodnight Training

I have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer for several years and I would highly recommend her. Jennifer’s work ethic and professionalism are truly impressive. She has the ability to follow any project or assignment through completion, no matter the size or complexity, and commits to getting things done right and on time. Jennifer is very organized, punctual and methodical. She is a fantastic team player and is always willing to help.   
Yauheniya Nelson
VP, Accounting & Financial Reporting at TN Marketing

Jeni … is an expert horse woman who has helped me in many aspects of my business over the years. She has delivered clinics at my stable on the following subjects: dealing with fear in horses; improving riding; colt starting; and CHA certification clinics. Jeni has helped me find, evaluate, and purchase horses that were suitable for my business. Jeni has also advised me with business aspects of running a stable. Her level of expertise in the equestrian field is broad, and her depth of experience has been very useful to me and my business. Jeni is a person with high integrity and I will definitely consult with her again regarding business issues.
Laura Jones, Owner
Dreamfields Riding Centre

Jennifer was a valuable and key player in Cavalia’s marketing team during the show’s tour in Minneapolis. Her expertise in the equestrian industry combined with her multiple contacts and business experience enabled the production to expand its reach into key niche markets. Interacting with the equestrian community is a key component in Cavalia’s marketing strategy and Jennifer was responsible for making this happen.
Sarah Kemerer

I served with Jennifer on the board of the MN Horse Council and have worked with her in other capacities related to the horse industry. Jennifer is an intelligent, positive, enthusiastic person who is a pleasure to work with. She has excellent insight into a variety of aspects of the horse industry. She is creative, but also is ready, willing, and able to follow through on her ideas. If she says she can do something, she can and she will.
Kim Otterson
County Line Farrier Service

Jennifer is a smart and savvy marketing professional whose experience as a horse trainer and riding instructor provide insight into the unique demands of the horse industry.
Allison Eklund
Eklund Law

Jennifer has been the promotions director during my tenure as President of the Minnesota Horse Council. Jennifer has brought a professionalism not previously known to this position. As a result, the MHC has a much broader approach to the entire Horse Industry. This has allowed the MHC to continue its mission to promote the entire horse industry in Minnesota.
Tracy Turner, DVM
Turner Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery

I know Jennifer from the dozens of deals which we handled for A+E Networks and TN Marketing and she was an absolute pleasure to work with every time. Her organization, kindness, and deep experience in marketing and content licensing meant great results for both companies.
Jaesan Subramaniam, VP, Digital Business Affairs at Kobalt Music

I have known Jennifer for a number of years through our work together at the Minnesota Horse Council. Her creative drive and high energy have been important to advancing the mission of the Minnesota Horse Council.
Tom Tweeton, CEO
ATH Science

Jennifer has many years of experience training horses, managing an equine facility and maintaining a lesson program of beginner to advanced riders. Jennifer’s experience in this diverse industry has made her uniquely qualified in all aspects of management, especially where patience and the ability to communicate are imperative.
Sandra Nester, Owner
Worlds End Farm

Jennifer is a highly effective facilitator who is has expertise in many areas of the equine industry. She is creative, motivated, personable and knowledgeable.
Kris Kelly, Owner
Bunker Park Stables

After working alongside Jennifer for over 5 years at TN Marketing, I can strongly recommend her dedication and work ethic. Not only is she driven to be successful as an individual, but Jennifer has the perseverance to look at what is best for the company as a whole. I worked very closely with Jennifer on licensing and contracts, ensuring new and amended contracts were correctly submitted to the Accounting Department. Whenever there was reservation in regards to licensing, Jennifer would confirm the matter swiftly. When Jennifer first begun to budget and forecast for her division she dove right in by pulling invoices to reviewing costs and coding. It was motivating to work alongside such a self starter.
Kristi Blad
Assistant Controller

I have worked with Jennifer for the past 4 years overseeing the art approvals for packaged media on licensed History Channel programming. She has been consistently organized, knowledgeable, content-savvy, professional, and very personable. She is a pleasure to work with and would be a valuable asset to any company.
Catherine McBride
Sr. Manager, Product Development
A&E Television Networks

I’ve worked with Jennifer since she joined the TN Marketing team. She is a detailed dedicated individual and continues to strive to expand our business making it mutually beneficial for both companies. There are many aspects to our business model and she makes it a smooth process. I highly recommend her.
Gifford Campbell, Business Development

Jennifer is intelligent and creative while also being friendly and approachable. In my experience, it is hard to find someone who is good at things like problem solving, strategy, creativity and execution while at the same time being very warm, open minded, and collaborative. This unique combination makes Jennifer a very valuable asset. If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it. She is certain to add value to whatever you are trying to accomplish.
Christopher Ursin, VP, Business Development

I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer recently on a video shoot where she filled in on short notice as a field producer and I was impressed with her fine attention to detail. It was obvious from the start that Jennifer’s meticulous nature and extensive experience in content licensing carry quite nicely over into managing a field shoot as a video producer. It was a pleasure having her involved with our production
Layne Solheim, Director




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